Kareem Zaher

Personal Statement

I'm motivated and very good at catching on quickly to the mechanics of things or how a particular organization or structure works. I also enjoy working as part of a team, which I consider one of my strongest points.


Flutter & Dart Developer

Hi, I'm Kareem Zaher, A freelance Flutter & dart Developer.

I graduated medical school in 2012, started working on my career as a urology intern, a urology resident then a urology specialist till 2018.

I started learning dart & flutter in late 2018 & early 2019, since then I constructed many projects from top to bottom using flutter as a frontend tool & dart in the backend.

As of 2019, I became a fulltime urology surgeon & a Freelance Flutter & dart developer @ Upwork.com

This Landing page is an attempt to learn javascript from scratch as per the requirement of the EGFWD initiative / Udacity NanoDegree Program, eventually aiming to add Angular / TypeScript to my tech stack.



  • Designing & executing advanced responsive mobile & web layouts.

  • Proficiency in using state management solutions mainly Provider & to a lesser extent GetX & BloC.

  • Implementation of custom animations..

  • API calls using http library.

  • Implementation of Firebase Cloud Messaging & notifications on android.

  • Data structuring & modeling (fromJson - toJson).

  • Theming & styling on application level with light, dark & custom themes.

  • Application localization into multiple languages.

  • Construction of custom reusable components.

  • Routing and navigation using flutter navigator 2.0 api (Go_Router).

  • Implementation of clean architecture, separation of concerns & clean folder structure.


  • Design API using various Dart frameworks mainly Conduit (previously Aqueduct).

  • API deployment to cloud providers (Oracle, Vultur, Azure).

  • Compiling Dart executables to be deployed on linux VM in the cloud.


  • Advanced usage of NoSql databases mainly Mongodb.

  • Implementation of Mongo_dart package on pub.dev for querries & data handling.

  • Use of ATLAS cloud for deployment of cloud based instances of MongoDB.


  • Deployment of Multiple web based applications / websites to Firebase Hosting.

  • Mid level usage of Firebase Cloud Messaging & Firebase cloud Functions.

  • Usage of Firebase CLI for deployment & maintainance.


  • Basic / Mid level usage of GIT as a version control system.


  • Mid level usage of HAProxy as a reverse proxy for cloud deployments.


  • Application of CERTBOT for SSH certificates' generation & automatic renewal.


  • Erection Test App
  • My first project as a Flutter developer, deployed onto the Google PlayStore. In this application I used the already researched IIEF-15 questionnaire for evaluation of erectile dysfunction in men. I learned the basics of navigation & styling in Flutter as well as implemening many basic to mid level dart language concepts.

  • CosmoSurge Clinics App
  • In this project I implemented what I learned in dart language about API calls, Managing state in Flutter using the provider package, Advanced routing & navigation, Custom styling & creation of reusable components. It is a Doctor / Clinic Booking app with backend deployed on Oracle Cloud Network.

  • CosmoSurge Clinics Website
  • The website counterpart of CosmoSurge Clinics Mobile App with the same functionalities & deployed with Firebase Hosting. It was a good introduction to the Flutter WEB echosystem with a small introduction to HTMl/CSS.

  • ProClinic Systems Website
  • It's a landing page created with Flutter to demo ProClinic "Clinic Management Software" with links to Youtube explanation videos in Arabic, Important app features, Contact details & a downloadable link to the demo application.

  • TestTube.app
  • A Marketplace for Quizzes in different subjects. Each user has a profile with a login / logout function, changing profile information & phone number. You log in, select which instructors to follow & show their uploaded quizzes, put a quiz in your favorites & purchase a quiz.

    It was a challening project overall, it consisted of 4 major parts: a Marketplace website for students, a windows application for instructors to add & customize their quizzes, a mobile android application for students to login & access their purchased quizzes with an exam mode & a study mode & finally a backend server that is 24/7 online deployed on VULTUR.

  • My Clinic Website
  • Created with wordpress 😅, Has my clinic contact information & working hours. Yet I recently used Flutter WEB to improve / change certain pages of the website using IFRAMES, a little hacky I know 😅 & is 100% functional & woking.

  • Dr. Khaled Nabil Website
  • My latest Flutter Web project, a surgeon portfolio website with a complete admin panel (windows app) allowing for online booking with notifications to the doctor & the patient, adding services dynamically, adding & modifying before & after cases, modifying clinic hours & an embedded map for each clinic, embedding Youtube & Facebook videos, writing articles with direct links to the articles & even changing the hero div completely. I used Provider for state management, Go_Router for routing, backend in Dart using Conduit & deployed on Oracle cloud platform.

  • Magic_Buffer Dart Package
  • Pure Dart package implementing Buffer class from [Node.js]. This package is built to let you handle reading & writing byte data &/or strings into Uint8Lists easily. The API is aimed to be identical to that of [Node.js].